Locaties Wezep & Dronten

For our locations in Dronten and Wezep we have an assignment for an Internship MAP
optimization for salad meals.

What is the purpose of the assignment?

This challenging assignment will focus on:

  • Listing the current situation regarding modified atmosphere packaging (both composition and technique) at salad meals;
    • Explaining the differences between the two locations;
    • Explaining the effect on different raw materials;
  • Listing opportunities of modified atmosphere packaging for stable shelf life and (microbiological and organoleptic) quality;
  • By combining
    • Literature review on gas compositions under different circumstances and its effect on shelf life and quality, and;
    • Literature review on the possibilities and limitations of different modified atmosphere packaging techniques and different packaging materials, and;
    • Experimental work to improve stability of shelf life, while maintaining high quality;
  • Together leading to
    • Optimization of shelf life for our specific products, and;
    • Manageable standards that have been proven in practice with feasible widths.
For which organization are you going to work? 

Plukon Food Group is in Europa one of the biggest players on the market of poultry meat with slaughter houses and multiple processing and packaging plants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, and Poland. In addition, we develop, produce and market ultra-fresh and pasteurized meals. Over 5000 people work for Plukon Food Group. Plukon Wezep and Plukon Convenience Dronten produce freshly cut ready to eat and ready to heat vegetables, packaged in flow packs. Besides, they produce chilled salad dishes, salad meals and fruits salads. For meal salads, protein and carbohydrate based raw materials are used on top of cut vegetables, as well as other toppings. Last, dressings for internal use in salad meals and salad dishes are processed and packaged.

Who are we looking for?
  • Fourth year hbo-student or second year Master-student in Food Technology or equivalent
  • Affinity with the fast moving consumer goods branch
  • Self-reliant
  • English fluently spoken and written
  • Mastering the Dutch language is an advantage
  • Fulltime available for four to six months
  • Willing to travel between Wezep and Dronten
What do we offer you?

Within Plukon Food Group you can count on challenges and personal responsibility. An internship at Plukon Food Group means working at one of the largest players in Europa for poultry meat. During your internship we will offer you sufficient support, so nothing stops a successful completion of your assignment.


Then quickly send your recent CV with motivation letter to If you have any questions regarding this vacancy, please contact in July Jeroen Bos (+31 321 382 308) or in August Johan Roelofs (+31 383 766 637).